Altiorem is an online library and resource centre dedicated to facilitating, promoting and influencing the investment and broader finance industry towards long-term, sustainable and purposeful allocation of capital.

We have identified 4 practical validations, or ‘cases’, to increase the economic transition towards sustainable investing.

Ethical Case

The ethical case for sustainability relates to arguments for why sustainable finance is the ‘right thing to do’ and can include stewardship principles, intergenerational equity and trust.

Business Case

The business case for sustainability relates to commercial considerations for the finance organisation itself, for example consumer demand for more sustainable finance options, competitor activity, regulatory pressure and cost savings.

Investment Case

The investment case for sustainability relates to the investment, financing or insurability considerations. Questions of risk and return, diversification, valuation and portfolio management.

Economic Case

The economic case for sustainability relates to macroeconomic, societal and environmental issues which are driving changes in investment and finance markets. For example, inequality, externalised costs, climate change policy, disruption and technological change.

Over the coming 4 weeks we will be introducing these cases in greater detail, elaborating on how they relate to responsible investing and also cover off specific examples, or ‘sub-cases’.

Watch this space…

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