Altiorem welcomes you to the next post within a regular series, where we profile the inspiring and generous people who are making Altiorem possible.

We are excited to introduce our mentor profile on the amazing Enrico Colombo.

I am originally from Italy and grew up in a town near Venice. I studied business at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, spent an exchange semester in Shanghai, China and did a master’s in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I then moved to Germany in 2014, where I started working as an ESG analyst at Sustainalytics in Frankfurt. My focus was on the industrial, transportation and infrastructure sectors. In 2018, I moved to Sydney and started leading Sustainalytics’ ESG research on the Australian market. I am a member of the Human Rights Working Group of RIAA, and also participate in the work of the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative.

Mentor: Enrico Colombo

I am an avid reader and occasional binge-watcher, I love cooking a good meal and pairing it with a glass of wine or craft beer, I try (and often fail) to regularly practice yoga and meditation, and I like spending time outdoors enjoying the Australian nature and sunshine. I also love travelling (carbon footprint aside) and discovering new places and cultures.

The name — I studied Latin at school. I believe in the role and responsibility of business and finance to promote more sustainable practices and contribute to address the most pressing world challenges — particularly climate change and environmental degradation. I like Altiorem’s mission to build a universal library of content to change finance for good! And so I wanted to contribute to this great project, which is super relevant, much needed and will continue to be even more so in the future.

It’s been a great experience so far. It’s exciting to be part of a ‘start-up’ and thrilling to contribute to the cause. It’s good to give and receive open/constructive feedback in a collaborative environment and at your own pace. It is also a great opportunity to interact with like-minded people and to learn new things — there’s just so much research and content out there! It is a fulfilling and rewarding experience to see the platform growing.

I am very interested in research around planetary boundaries, a topic I am not very familiar with and that I want to understand better.

Pretty much the same as above about the experience.

Altiorem is always looking for sustainability enthusiasts like Enrico. If you would like to help build Altiorem please contact us here.



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