Altiorem welcomes you to the next post within a regular series, where we profile the inspiring and generous people who are making Altiorem possible.

We are excited to introduce our contributor profile on the amazing Cameron Fusco.

Tell us a bit about yourself (uni, work, other interests, whatever you like!)?

I’m a current undergraduate studying a bachelor’s degree in Business, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Over the past year, I have worked as a Woolworths Night Fill Team Manager, where I have come across a lot of challenges. I like to meditate on a daily basis and I have recently developed an interest in learning other languages and cultures, whilst volunteering in the local community and studying the real issues in finance.

What attracted you to Altiorem?​

The opportunity to learn more about the industry I aspire to work in attracted me the most, but also I take a lot of pride in doing good for the community, locally and globally.

How have you found the experience?​

Quite interesting and fun! It can be quite a challenge at times, but the benefits of being more informed, learning new things and new perspectives, and the skills developed in research and analysis outweigh those challenges.

What is the most interesting piece of research you have come across?​

The most interesting piece of research I have come across is ‘Global standards miss the nuance in local child labour’, which is a piece based on child labour in countries such as Burkina Faso and Kenya, and its economic and social importance in those communities. It is interesting because it comes from a different perspective compared to the conventional view on child labour, and while it acknowledges there are appalling instances of child labour which need attention, there are also instances where child labour is essential to the economic and social lives of children such that eliminating child labour would do more harm than good.

What would you say to other people thinking about contributing to Altiorem?

It’s a really good opportunity to learn about the key issues in sustainable finance, all whilst doing good for the community, and is especially suited to those who have an interest in finance or those who are interested in social and sustainability issues currently affecting the globe, such as climate change and modern slavery. It is surprising how much one can learn even if you are aware or have knowledge on these issues already.

Altiorem is always looking for sustainability enthusiasts like Cameron. If you would like to help build Altiorem please contact us here.

Become a member today! Head over to Altiorem and stay up to date with sustainable finance research.



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