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We are sharing Altiorem’s most read research since the start of 2021. This list provides insight into the sustainable finance topics our members (investors, financial advisers, students, academics) want to know more about and hints at broader trends in the finance industry.

If you’re new to Altiorem, we support investors interested in the allocation of capital towards a flourishing economy, society and environment. We summarise research making it simple to grasp key concepts without being an expert.

Research is summarised and categorised by key issues and leading sustainability standards. Our goal for Altiorem is to give the investment community access to free, high quality, relevant and accessible material that they can easily use to inform and ignite the case for change.

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Top 5 read research on Altiorem

  1. Internal carbon pricing for low-carbon finance: A briefing paper on linking climate-related opportunities and risks to financing decisions for investors and banks by CDP and Generation Foundation

This paper makes the business case for financial firms to use an internal carbon price in investment and lending practices. Drawing on stakeholder insights, this paper provides guidance on how to best implement an internal carbon price to decarbonise portfolios and increase resilience in a low-carbon transition.

2. How investors integrate ESG: A typology of approaches by Sustainalytics and Investor Responsibility Research Centre Institute (IRRCi)

Understanding how investors are applying the growing supply of corporate ESG information into their investment decision-making is increasingly important. This report aims to help investors navigate the rapidly changing responsible investing landscape by developing a typology that classifies approaches to environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration.

3. Global investor study: The rise of the sustainable investor by Schroders

The report highlights key findings from Schroder’s Global Investor Study. It provides an insight into global investor attitudes towards sustainable investing and the obstacles preventing widespread adoption of sustainable investing. The report emphasises the notion that sustainable investing is gaining momentum around the world.

4. The race of our lives revisited by GMO

GMO’s founder and long-term investment strategist, Jeremy Grantham, offers a wide-ranging analysis of interconnected environmental crises, explores solutions and makes recommendations for investors. The paper covers climate change, population growth, soil erosion and toxicity. It concludes by making the case for environmental investment strategies and fossil fuel divestment.

5. Financial inclusion: What have we learned so far? What do we have to learn? by IMF

Introduces financial inclusion as a dimension of financial development by presenting main findings and key insights from a micro and macroeconomic standpoint. Examines trends and provides insights into the effects of financial inclusion initiatives on the economy with a focus on household and micro, small and medium-sized (MSMEs) enterprise outcomes.

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